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Day 1

The excited Orchestra has arrived in Sydney! Every day this week we'll be adding videos to the channel of what the winners are up to in Sydney. Subscribe to the channel to keep up-to-date.

Day 2

The winners have a packed agenda this week! They've started getting to know each other, have had their first rehearsals, and some of them have even had their first performance. If you haven't already, go ahead and meet the winners.

Day 3

The winners have a lot of rehearsing and preparing to do to make sure the live concert at the end of the week is fantastic! To help them, we've invited some of the top musicians from world famous orchestras to act as mentors to the orchestra. Some of the mentors are the same musicians who recorded the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Master Classes.

Day 4

The winners have been making the most of their week down under and have been exploring the city, the harbour and the beaches - when MTT let's them out of rehearsal, that is! Some of the winners already took up an amazing opportunity to explore Australia as part of Tourism Australia's Making Tracks project.

Day 5

The Grand Finale is almost here! The Orchestra is rehearsing like crazy and tensions are starting to build. They're from over thirty countries and different backgrounds, they're all different ages and have different styles of playing, and very soon, they've got a concert to put on... Watch the concert streamed live here on the channel or through the mobile app.

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In Sydney? Head to Dawes Point from 8pm Sunday, March 20, to see and hear an extraordinary version of the concert brought to life on the sails of Sydney Opera House.